Tea Leigh is a queer tattooer that has been living in Brooklyn for the past 5 years. With a background in music, installation art, and photography, Tea now concentrates on illustration and hand poked tattooing. Having been a tattooer for 4 years, Tea finds magic through her conversations with her clients. Tea focuses on working with clients to help reclaim their bodies from trauma, body dysmorphia, and the male gaze.

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Kelli has always favored working with her hands. Her initial interest in hand craftsmanship was fostered during her childhood in central Canada. At 18, Kelli moved east to Toronto to pursue a BDes in Fashion Design at Ryerson University. Upon graduating in 2012, she immediately began working in menswear as a designer and production manager, and later co-founded a bespoke design firm. In 2014, Kelli began pursuing machine-free tattooing both as an art form and a means to regain a sense of self-autonomy. Her practice is entirely self-taught and would not exist without unwavering interest from clients. Presently tattooing full-time, Kelli appreciates both the intimate interactions with her clients and the opportunity to positively contribute to their sense of self, along with the freedom to expand her body of work and grow as an artist and human being.

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Krista grew up in Nebraska as the daughter of two horticulturalists. From a young age, her self taught art practice was inspired by the natural world, drawing the plants, fungi, and creatures that she encountered on hikes and camping trips, as well as in her parents gardens. She considers experience and observation to be a crucial element to her practice and maintains a deeply instilled wonder of wild places and spirits. Also trained extensively in contemporary dance, Krista continues to perform consistently in New York City as a professional dancer, currently in Punchdrunk's Sleep No More at The Mckittrick Hotel. Her dance practice has been highly influential in her approach to tattooing, as she is fascinated by taking a muscular and physical approach and tie to placing illustrations to skin. She is in fact part moth and part girl, come into the fungal jungle.

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