Elements of Tarot Series

Elements of Tarot Series

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Elements of Tarot Series with Moriah Simmons

Four Sundays 2pm-4pm 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21

$140 for all four weeks (save $20), individual tickets $40 each

(If you would like to purchase single sessions tickets only, please select: Earth, Air, Water and Fire individually)

Ready to go deep with your tarot study and practice? This 4-Part series dives into each of the four elements of tarot (and life): earth, air, water, and fire, how they relate to tarot, and how the elements and tarot relate to your life. 

Earth 9/30
Suit: Pentacles
Major Arcana: The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Devil
Element in practice: Grounding practices, exchange, shuffling techniques, deck care
Intuition development: Clairtangency - sensing through touch; clairsentience - your body's knowing
Tarot spreads: earth wisdom, body communication, health and wealth

Air 10/7
Suit: Swords
Major Arcana: The Lovers, Justice, The Star
Element in practice: Breathwork, meditation, tarot history, tarot symbolism, logic and insight
Intuition development: Clairvoyance - the inner eye of the mind; claircognizance - clear knowing
Tarot spreads: air wisdom, mental health, clear ideas

Water 10/14
Suit: Cups
Major Arcana: The Chariot, Death, The Moon
Element in practice: Boundaries and flow, receptivity, deck cleansing
Intuition development: Clairempathy - feeling another's emotions as your own
Tarot spreads: water wisdom, emotional health, the vessel

Fire 10/21
Suit: Wands
Major Arcana: The Emperor, Strength, Temperance
Element in practice: Energy, spirit, creativity, sex and gender in tarot, deck charging
Intuition development: Clairaudience - clear hearing; spirit guides and channeling
Tarot spreads: fire wisdom, creative projects, transformation

You will receive handouts for all of the information each week, and as a class community we will practice tarot techniques, intuition development exercises, collaborate on a group reading for the element, and trade individual readings with one of the week's spreads.

Please bring a notebook and your tarot deck (if you don’t have a deck yet, there will be some available to borrow)

Moriah Simmons is a NYC based intuitive tarot reader and teacher, and Reiki practitioner. Her goal is to bring a clear perspective and a gentle touch to her work, to help you connect with your soul's purpose.


Your name will be added to our guest list upon purchase and all you need to bring is yourself. An email will go out prior to the event with directions + studio address.

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Welcome Home is a safe space for women, queer, trans, non-binary gender fluid and gender non-conforming folks.

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