Intermediate Tarot Workshop (June)

Intermediate Tarot Workshop (June)


Intermediate Tarot Workshop with WH Instructor Moriah Simmons

Thursday June 27th at 7pm

Do you know a fair amount about the tarot, but want to get more confident and fluid in your readings?

Once you’ve gotten started working with tarot, you have lots of available options and it might seem overwhelming. The most important part of learning at this stage is “lab work,” direct firsthand experience working with your cards. This class is for intermediate readers who have memorized the basics of the cards and want to put it all together. Be ready to come back to beginner's mind, and develop new skills. We'll focus on putting theoretical knowledge into practice in our readings, whether for ourselves or other people.

This class is suitable for people who have taken the previous Beginners Tarot Workshop, or who have done some study on their own.

Topics we'll cover:
1. Deepening your relationship with your deck + quick review of tarot structure
2. The art of asking questions
3. Tarot spreads: the classics, and creating your own
4. Discovering your own reading style
5. Reading groups of cards together
6. Intuition development and ethics of reading for other people
7. Practice readings to sharpen your skills

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Your name will be added to our guest list upon purchase and all you need to bring is yourself. An email will go out prior to the event with directions + studio address.

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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