Oppression & The Algorithm — Sunday July 21st 2PM

a panel discussion at Welcome Home

Today, modern sexual educators of all colors, sizes and genders use social media to deliver their experiences for consumption. How do we engage with their content and then compensate them for their efforts? Who gets censored for their unique situations that may not fit into the social media algorithm priority? 

This panel, made up of a diverse group of sexual educators, writers, and lecturers, will meet to discuss what’s happening in the modern sex-ed digital space.

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Beginner Tarot —Occurs Bi-Monthly!

Next Class: Tuesday August 20th

with WH instructor Moriah Simmons

Want to learn how to read tarot cards in an intuitive, empowering way, without having to look up stuff in a book?This class is for you!

All levels of experience welcome. Suitable for total newbies who have never seen a deck, as well as people who know a little bit and want to develop their skills.

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Tarot Lab — Occurs every month!

Next Class: Tuesday July 30th

with WH instructor Moriah Simmons

Do you know a fair amount about the tarot, but want to get more confident and fluid in your readings? This class is suitable for people who have taken the previous Beginners Tarot Workshop, or who have done some study on their own.

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QTPOC Sexual Education Panel

with Sonalee, Ashleigh Tribble, Arielle Egozi and Dirty Lola

moderated by Cameron Glover

July 21st, 2PM

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Looking to host a workshop or lecture? Please read the following...

What kind of workshops / lectures do you host? 

Welcome Home Studio hosts a wide variety of workshops and lectures focused on building or strengthening one's foundation of home. Whether that is one's physical home, mental home, or body, we strive to offer community based learning and gatherings that offer engagement, support, and information. We want to provide a place for ALL people to learn. 

(Please fill out the form beneath this FAQ if you would like to host at our space!) 

What types of topics are suitable for WHS?

- Tarot

- Body work / reclaiming

- 101 apartment gardening

- Weaving, Macrame, Embroidery, and other hand crafts

- Garment mending, dyeing, or restoration

- Spiritual guidance

- Private book readings

- Lectures on witch craft from different cultural prospectives

- Retrospects on women in politics 

- Movement workshops

- Progressive activism (POC/queer)

How much do events cost? 

That is completely up to our hosts. Generally the workshops range from $15 to $150 depending on the workshop itself. 

How many people can WHS host?

We have a hard cap at 30 attendees.

How will WHS promote your workshop?

We will promote with both a monthly newsletter to our subscribers and through our IG accounts... with a combined total follower count of 144K between our accounts, your workshop will have a high reach. We recommend you promote your event through your own channels as well!

How can people buy tickets?

We will manage all of your ticketing through our website 

How much will I make if I host a workshop / lecture?

We offer a 50/50 split.